EL CHICO in trouble?

5 Mar

EL CHICO has been firmly planted in the DFW since 1940.   Their tamales have been around since 1926.  By the late 80’s, El Chico was everywhere in the metroplex.   It was the go-to place for Mexican/Tex-Mex food.

Flash forward to 2013 and El Chico is completely surrounded by other competing Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants.   I had dinner there with some friends the other night, and aside from a few small issues, there are still alot of things to like about this place.

The drinks were great and the food was super-fresh.   Large portions too.  Everyone was very satisfied and full.   The common phrase heard at the table was “That was pretty good…why don’t we come here more often?”

So, I am filing this under “RUMOR” because after Crystal’s, Olive Garden, Wendy’s, and all these other restaurant struggles going on…I hope…HOPE this isn’t true.

A reliable source within the company has revealed that El Chico is in a bit of financial trouble.   They might even be trying to sell locations as a franchise in order to raise some capital.

Is this true?  I don’t know.   Driving around Arlington today, I see alot of places going under.

El Chico has more than earned their stripes by making affordable food and providing a nice atmosphere for over half a century.  In today’s current economy… I only wish them the best.

It’s also a reminder to us all – if you don’t support the places you love with your frequent business – they will disappear.

Share your thoughts below or hop onto Urbanspoon and continue this topic!

El Chico on Urbanspoon

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