4 Mar

Imagine you are just a simple guy – like a Dave Thomas and you create Wendy’s.  You even named it after your own daughter.  It was a family business.   It became so successful you sell it off to the mega-corporations for millions of dollars.   Years after you die, marketing-promotions-robots take over, and turn your simple burger joint into a cost-effective-celebration of mediocrity.

Wendy’s has announced that to better “connect” with their customers they are installing FIREPLACES into their restaurants.   FIREPLACES.  One more again…..FIREPLACES.   Their “marketing” and “research” tells them that customers that go inside spend more than at the drive-thru.   So to make it more cozy and inviting they are adding the FIREPLACES. They will stay on constantly and have a new seating area built around them.

NEVERMIND that Wendy’s has systematically over-hauled their menu, which now includes HIGHER PRICES, SMALLER PORTIONS, and now a BLOODY FIREPLACE?????    THAT is what is going to entice legions of people to visit Wendy’s?  To sit and watch FIRE?  Live and in person???

They will WASTE a TON of money on the installation of these FIREPLACES.  They really should keep that money and LOWER their prices.   That’s how you keep customers coming back.

Dave Thomas would be embarrassed by this.


One Response to “Wendy’s FIREPLACE”

  1. Ryan April 17, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I don’t understand why Wendy’s ever dropped the dollar menu. They let Mcds steal their thunder. Sometimes I am surprised that I don’t see a headline that they are closing a bunch of stores.

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