TOTINO’S Pizza Rolls

1 Mar

I gotta admit it, never had Totino’s or Jeno’s pizza rolls, until tonight.

buh-buh-buh-wha???  but you are the Junk Food Critic!!!!!  How could you have NOT had these before?

Of course I knew of them.   I would see them all the time next to the Totino’s pizzas.   On those occasions I would just buy the pizza.   Even as a kid the novelty of them were lost on me.   Why eat something pizza-ish when I could just a pizza right next to it?

Oh and one more thing.   As a kid, I was blessed to be within a 7 min walk to MAZZIO’S PIZZA.    They used to have a mini-pizza lunch special that was perfectly sized and priced. That and my free-refills-mazzios-cup made this pretty much a no-brainer.

Flash-forward to the other night when I am at the frozen-foods aisle lamenting the state of frozen pizza and I saw the Totino’s Pizza rolls and thought “why not”?

Immediately after dumping the contents of the box onto a cookie sheet I knew what I was in for.  These things were gonna cook….burst open…and all the pizza-y-goodness it might hold will leak out the gaping wound.

10 mins later this is exactly what I found.   One lone survivor out of the whole box remained intact.

Taste-wise I gotta say these are not too shabby.   I wish the “roll” was more bread/crust-like rather than egg-roll-ish in  texture.   But I get the appeal.  These had a snappy pepperoni-bite and some decent sauce/cheese ratio.

Even the six-year-old that runs my palate could see how these could be great come cartoon-watching-time… but he and I both still agree…why not just get a full-blown pizza?


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