SONIC Spicy Popcorn Chicken

27 Feb

Evidently “spicy chicken” is the new “chipotle”.    Sonic has been providing me popcorn chicken for a few years now.    I like chicken but I LOVE spicy chicken.   So when Sonic announced they also carried the spicy version of the pretty-good-popcorn-chicken, I knew I had to have some.

As you can see it’s slightly orange in color.  There is also some visible grains of black pepper in the batter.    About five or six bites into this container and aside from some extra-pepper-flavor….I am not detecting much “spicy”.

I wasn’t expecting super-hot-burn-my-mouth type hotwings or anything but I just honestly didn’t get much heat at all off these.   Don’t get me wrong, they were still good.   Just didn’t really notice enough difference in these and the regular ones that would necessitate the need to have two products.   The spice is that slim.   Instead of now offering TWO types of chicken, I would have been happier if Sonic just offered a buffalo sauce to go with their normal popcorn chicken.

Could’ve saved ya some money here, Sonic.   Next time ask the KING of the HOTWING (and all hotwing related flavors/entrees/side dishes/and or edibles) –  JUNK FOOD CRITIC!!!  woo!



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