ANGELO’s Spaghetti & Pizza House

26 Feb

After the loss of Crystal’s Pizza, I was thinking what other ol’ skool joints were still left in Irving.   Driving around the old spots I roll by a place that has been around since 1966-  Angelo’s Spaghetti & Pizza House.

It’s a modest place that houses some of the most affordable dishes around.   You can get a grilled sirloin steak with a simple salad, spaghetti, and some killer garlic toast for less than 9 bucks.   Grilled chicken (like you see here) was less than 6.50.    Those are the two best sellers and if you go during lunch, they are even cheaper.

So while herds of people are eating at the chain restaurants on the other side of town – the locals know Angelo’s is some good eats that are very easy on the pocketbook.   Their pizzas are tasty and different from any other local pizzerias.  That’s a bonus.

And for the picky eaters – the menu reveals peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – for $19.66.  The joke is, they don’t keep those items in stock so they will have to send someone out to the store – hence the twenty-dollar sammich.   It’s a joke.  Move on.  I  thought it funny.

I think the final thing about this place I love is the fact that despite it being 4 years since I have been here — the food quality and recipes taste just like I remember.   CONSISTENCY is king.  The haven’t fooled with the recipes.  They know their food works and they stick by it.    I love that.

Jump on UrbanSpoon and review the joint yourself!!
Angelo's Spaghetti and Pizza House on Urbanspoon


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