25 Feb

North Park Mall in Dallas has a great little addiction brewing in me with the addition of Wetzel’s Pretzels.  I loves me a good soft pretzel.   This California-based chain has some nice twists (oh lord..that horrific pun was unintentional) on the classic pretzel.  First, these things are huge and they have a variety of flavorings and sauces.  They also have a step up and have things like the pizza-pretzel you see to your left.   The keep the party rockin’ with hotdogs wrapped in their fresh-baked pretzel dough.

It all looks so good and yum-yum.  For my very first Wetzel, I went with the pizza, a side of pizza sauce, and a large lemonade.  8 bucks later I am walking off with a gigantic and quite tasty snack.

Yeah, I did say 8 bucks.   For a pretzel, sauce, and lemonade.  When did lemonade get so expensive?   It’s still water, lemons, and sugar- yes?

So for the price of two gallons of gas* (my new money measurement tool) I was rather impressed with the Wetzel gang.   There are several other flavors and that pretzel-dog looked fantastic!    Great lemonade too, despite the price.

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