15 Feb

Sriracha is the new “chipotle”.  Every couple of years a flavor, herb, or something becomes the HOT and buzzword-y food item.  SRIRACHA is from Thailand and is basically their version of Tabasco sauce.   It’s usually in a clear squeeze bottle with a green top.    I see it everywhere now.

Lay’s has been searching for new potato chip flavors and SRIRACHA made it onto the final three.     So we are basically talking potato chips that are slightly peppery.

They are good and quite snackable but also just kind of “meh”.   They aren’t hot enough to hold your attention so don’t go into the bag thinking it’s full of hotness.   It’s a nice little flash of heat but nothing much.

Maybe if Lay’s did a smoked habanero chip???   Now THAT would be something.   Why wasn’t I told of this flavor contest?????


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