Chicken & Waffles potato chips

13 Feb

Okay folks, here we are.  Lay’s sponsored a contest where people could suggest flavors and the top three are now out in stores.    Today, we tackle the Chicken & Waffles variety.

GOD KNOWS, I love’s me some chicken and waffles.   Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles is legendary.  Even restaurants like IHOP are serving their own version now.  It has become that iconic.

Seeing these on the rack, I am instantly thinking of Roscoe’s.   I am filled with hope as I truly believe these are gonna kick my ass or just plain suck.

I am wrong.   Aside from the mild maple flavor, I don’t taste chicken in the slightest.    The salt on  these is smartly cut back so as not to overpower the maple.   So in essence, these just taste like maple chips.  Which is fine if they were called maple-chips, but if I can’t taste chicken, ya lost me.


But just as a mild-maple-chip, they are nice and highly snackable.   Maybe partner up some some chicken nuggets with a side-order of these chips would be a nice little snacky-snack.


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