Red Velvet Bingles

12 Feb

UntitledTwinkie the who?    While Hostess is getting scattered about, companies like Blue Bird are revving up things like this.

RED VELVET BINGLES.  Never seen these before, and with the hearts and arrows I wonder if they are just for the Valentine holiday.    Either way they hit the mark.

These were rich, soft, spongy – everything you could want from a snack-cake.   Of course they will obviously look to some as just a “red twinkie” but I suggest that these taste entirely different.   Better even.

Two to a pack, so why not splurge a few more dollars on the upcoming holiday and share a pack of these with your Valentine.   These beat some stupid card any day of the month.


One Response to “Red Velvet Bingles”

  1. Bob June 24, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    They USED to sell the red velvet bingle through Walmart but they quit selling them a few years ago. Can’t find them in WA. State & none in Nevada either. I can’t imagine why stores wouldn’t be lining up to sell this product, they are truly the BEST SNACK CAKE I have ever tasted. With Hostess going down it would seem like whoever makes these would start ramping up production & fill the gap. Unfortunately that is not the case.

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