Wendy’s Apple Slices

11 Feb

What if the world offered healthy food alternatives and nobody cared?

I was at Wendy’s and since I am not a fan of their fries or chili, or baked potatoes- I got the apple slices.

I have had these pre-packaged apple slices from both McDonald’s and Burger King and I actually enjoyed them.

I pull out of the drive-thru and down the road I find that the USE BY date is 2/6/13.   The day I had these was 2/8/13.   So they are already two days past the sell-by date.

I had no time to turn around and get new ones.   Truth be told, they looked fine and probably were still edible.   But that isn’t the point.

If this wasn’t the THIRD time this has happened I wouldn’t have even noticed or mentioned it.  This is also the most recently expired that I received.  The previous two times had apple slices that were over a week old.  Gross.

I am going to consider this to be a single issue at one store as all three instances of old apples was at the same location.  Rising prices, old apples, down-sized-portions, and I am starting to lose faith in Wendy’s.




One Response to “Wendy’s Apple Slices”

  1. doreen stodolski September 16, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

    mine,,,9-13-13,,,L O L,,,,no Really,,,tasted like they were soaked in Arsonic !,,,,Overkill on the preservitives,,,,,,W,T, *^%#@ is up W/ this?,,,,” & “,,,,Where do th ey come From?,,,there is No info as to who puts them out & where they come from ?,,,some 3rd or 4th world country ?,,,,,,how many countrys really give a $#!T about us ?

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