8 Feb

Blue Bell ice cream has a devilish way of coming up with new flavors just about the time when you think they have run out of possibilities.

HAPPY TRACKS is vanilla ice cream with a thick and hearty swirl of dark chocolate – and- mini peanut butter cups thrown in.  Just to get your attention.

Popping the top off this …I had this thought.  A lull.   Why didn’t I buy some kind of brownie or chocolate cake to go underneath this in my bowl?

Aside from that small detail, this ice cream is fantastic.   My container was heavy on the chocolate swirl – so I am not certain if I lucked-out or it’s that heavy in every container.  Either way, the amount of chocolate swirl to be had, was welcome.  We ain’t talking a little drizzle of swirled chocolate.   This was loaded with the stuff.

With most things, it’s probably a limited release, so make tracks to get Happy Tracks and yum it down.  It’s sooo good.

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