Subway Nightmare

7 Feb

Imagine you are Subway.  Not the transportation service, but the sammich company.   You have spent YEARS building your brand.  You have slowly taken over the world.   There is a Subway within a block of my home in each direction.   It’s literally everywhere.

Now imagine that some random person actually measured your “footlong” sammiches and discovered more often than not, they aren’t FOOTlongs.  More like 11 and a half inches.   That person posts his discovery and pictures on Facebook.   BOOM!    Instant DRAMA!

I was at Subway today and I asked the friendly girl working how this has affected them.   She tells me that in her local store, the bread is normally OVER 12 inches and has been admonished by corporate for being OVER.

Now that  the Facebook drama has exploded, she tells me her store is required to MEASURE all bread loaves.   They are to write-off the smaller ones for six-inch subs and throw away the rest.

I can see both sides here.   As a consumer, I want what I paid for.   As a business, what a NIGHTMARE.   I can imagine some intern busting into the boardroom :

“uhm…..Facebook is saying our sammiches are coming up short and there is oh…10 thousand people forming a bandwagon…..sir.”

Subway sort of down played this at the beginning but now has issued statements to stores to MEASURE  the bread?  wow. How intense is it around the Subway offices these days because someone got funny with a tape measure?

The world.   She hangs in delicate balance.

If I ran Subway, I would have had fun with it.   I would have picked a day to offer FREE ONE INCH SAMMICHES to anyone and everyone that wanted one.    Problem solved and you look like a HERO.

I’m just sayin’.

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