6 Feb

Jack, owner of burger chain Jack-in-the-box has brass.  I give him that.  The man knows what we love to eat.  Especially when we are HAMMERED.  For years, the go-to move was the Jack-in-the-box Ultimate Cheeseburger.  It’s so cheesy and meaty and cheesy and meaty and cheesy.   It soaks up alcohol like nobody else and is just a fantastic food after a wild night.

BUT – Jack has upped his game and come out with the HOT MESS Burger.  It’s a sourdough bun filled with meat, jalapeno, pepperjack cheese, and onion rings.   Tell me this was NOT conceived in the test kitchen after a night of playing quarters.  It IS a hot mess…..and delightfully so.  It’s the kind of burger that, as you describe it to your drunk friend, they go…..”Hell ya I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

In addition to the Hot Mess, Jack has also rolled out the Cinnamon Shake, and Hot Mess Potato wedges.   Go get’em because they might just be a limited-time-only deal.


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