Cotton Patch Banana Pudding

31 Jan

Dear Cotton Patch, first let me say how much I have enjoyed my last two visits to your Arlington location.   The food has been fantastic.  The prices are affordable with portion sizes that are very filling.…how do I go about this…your banana puddin’…. is sans banana.   Don’t get me wrong- the vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, whipped cream, and cherry are all good.

But both visits we ordered the banana puddin’ and…no bananas.  We didn’t even taste a banana flavor mixed into the pudding mix.  So we are sorta confused.

And as far as restaurant desserts go, banana pudding is a fantastic choice as southern folk do so love their ‘nana puddin’.

Please correct this soon, so I can brag about EVERYthing I eat at your restaurant.

Thank you for your time.


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