Burger King new Chicken Nuggets

30 Jan

 About a year ago, a report came out saying BK had dropped in sales and popularity and was no longer the #2 burger joint.   It was now McDonalds, WENDY’S, and then BK sliding in at number 3.

Since then, BK has been on a rampage -rolling out seasonal and promotional items that have jump-started some serious buzz for the King.

Critics have slammed BK for just ripping off Mickey D’s menu and it’s a valid argument when you see things like:

McD’s – Pineapple Mango Smoothie —  BK -Tropical Mango Smoothie

McD’s- Ranch Snack Wrap (crispy) — BK- Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap

So draw your own conclusions on that.    Well, now BK has NEW chicken nuggets and…….well….. I do see people’s point that they do sorta taste like Chicken McNuggets.  I am not impressed with either.

I actually like BK waaaaaaaaayyyyy more than Wendy’s and McD’s.   I wish BK would focus more on their own individual creations (like the Bacon Sundae…the Chicken Parm Sammich…both of those ROCKED….) instead of going for the quick copycat buck.

Stick to ya guns King, and the fans will return.


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