Unhappy with Hooters

23 Jan

Ok, it’s been well over a year ago (maybe closer to two) when we did the “Breastaurant Showdown” and compared Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt, Bone Daddy’s, Burger Girl, and Bikini’s.   In the end, Hooters won with a friendly staff and consistently good food.

Unfortunately, my last two visits to Hooters (Irving and North Arlington) were fantastic examples of a great restaurant that might be resting on laurels.

IRVING:   I want to like this Hooters location.  It’s perfectly located near all the shopping and is easy to get to.   My last visit, my server was not friendly at all.  Ironically, she was very friendly to the table behind us – which turned out to be her boyfriend and his buddies.   Go figure.

They lost my order and I get my food 40 mins after everyone else at the table.  “They lost your ticket so we had to turn it in again.”  That was my “apology/explanation”.

NORTH ARLINGTON:  Similar story here.   Our waitress is hardly engaged with her tables.  She is busy standing at the ordering-computer with the other girls talking about where they are going after work.  Boomerjacks as it turns out- I can hear all this clear as day and I am not even close to them-they are just loudly discussing how they are going to get F#@#ed Up after work- and how it sucks at work and they wish they could get “cut”.

Also at this location, they screw up our order.  They sauce everyone’s order backwards.   So the “hot” guy gets mild, the “mild” girl gets “xxx”, and I also get mild.   I notice on their menu that they have made a few changes so I ask if they have perhaps changes sauce recipes because mine is not very hot.    She looks at all dishes and says “oh, looks like they got the sauces all wrong.  I bet that is what happened.”

And then she smiles and walks away.  No “hey, let’s fix this” or anything.  We were just left to eat the screwed up orders.

We figured she would return in a few minutes and we would just send it all back.   After 13 minutes we just end up trading dishes (which were all different) just to get the right sauces.  Oh and look at that nicely burnt bun.  YUM.

While we are sitting there with drinks that needed refills, we can see other tables looking for their server as well.   I spot another computer terminal that is also the server-talk-spot housing 4 girls by the front door.  If tables are taken care of, who cares what you do, but when several tables are frustrated- it’s a problem.   They weren’t busy on this night.

The food was good despite eating something I didn’t order and a bit burnt- BUT-  this lack of attention by the cooks, server, and manager is rather disconcerting.

My server did show up at check time, with a big smile, and began some “so you guys out having fun tonight?”  chit-chat.   Don’t talk-up- the-tip now, sweetheart.   Damage is already done.

I can only imagine that with Bikini’s and now a new Red Neck Heaven in the neighborhood that good servers are hard to find.  It’s really the only thing I can think of as a possible excuse for this.

I have always enjoyed Hooters as a place to get good food, a couple of beers, and watch a game or two.  We don’t go there trying to hustle or hit on the girls.   Our group just seriously loves hot-wings, beer, and sports.  It’s that simple.

I praised Hooters for having girls that weren’t overly-flirty-in-a-hustling-you-for-a-tip kind of way.   I liked that they were just friendly AND took care of their server business.  PERIOD.  I took plenty of flack for giving Hooters that praise.

Now I just wonder what the future holds.

Here is hoping they turn those two stores around soon.

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