FREE In-N-Out Burger!!!

21 Jan

It’s ALL about the FREE stuff and you could be missing out on a FREE burger from IN-N-OUT BURGER by NOT checking your bank account.

WHY?  HOW?  HUH???

Yep.  I signed on to my bank the other day and noticed that my bankcard has new discounts and offers.   I scrolled through them (most weren’t things I was interested in….discount on flowers??….uh…ok) and then I roll across what you see on your left.

A cheese burger here at the DFW In-N-Outs is 2.20.   If I buy one with my bankcard – I get a 2.30 rebate!?!?!?!    I get a free cheeseburger AND a dime for my time?    Done and Done!!!   So check your bank, you just might be missing free cheeseburgers and that is criminal.

I figured there was a gimmick or sign up fee or something- NADA.  I clicked “add to my card” and boom.  I saw on my bank account a few weeks later the payback deposit.    How cool is that?


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