17 Jan

You have heard me shout from the rooftops… my undying love for the Pineapple pie.

I have resisted and rejected all of your weird looks, mockery, and complete denial of my insistence that these are:

A) The absolute best pie in the world.


B) That they were actually REAL.  That I didn’t make this whole thing up.

MINDY LU’s to the rescue!!!!    Who needs Hostess or Fruit-Pie-the-Magician when Mindy Lu is here?

I discovered these a few days ago.   They.  Are.   Priceless.

Two store managers tell me that each and every assorted box of pies they receive get scooped up very quickly. I have tried other Mindy Lu pies in said assortment.  They are all very nice but I always return to my beloved pineapple.

They are tender, flaky, and filled with the perfectly sweet pineapple that started my addiction.  HEB, Minyard, and Kroger are your best bet for finding these gems.

Mindy Lu- I got a crush on you.



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