Humperdinks Volcanic Chicken Tenders

14 Jan

When I think Humperdinks I think lots of TVs and a dizzying amount of choices they have on their menu.

I am leaning towards the ribs when the waitress suggested the VOLCANIC chicken tenders since they were her personal favorite.

How could I possibly resist buffalo tenders that claimed VOLCANIC status?

A few minutes later a plate of these delicious looking chicken strips arrives.  Immediately, the chunks of jalapeno has me thinking “Humps” ain’t playing no games and I am in for the hotness.

Evidently, I am genetically designed to handle lava.  These were very good chicken tenders but they are hardly VOLCANIC.   Maybe my adrenalin got me jacked-up so high that I developed an instant-superhuman-intolerance.

No, seriously these were your basic hot pepper sauce heat but the extra jalapeno does add some nice texture but little heat.  Again, good, but not anywhere near the heat I was expecting.   As most things Humperdinks, I enjoyed them and would order again.


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