10 Jan

TOP THAT! PIZZA has been in DFW for a little while now.  I like the concept quite a bit even though my visits have had some consistency issues.

This trip I discovered they have already expanded their menu.  They now offer two sizes of pizzas (10″-6.99 and 6″-4.99) and they also have something called “BAKES”.

The BAKES are single portion (4 pieces) of Meatballs or Chicken bites with cheese and your choice of Marinara or Alfredo sauce, and two breadsticks  for 5.99 each.

I opted for the Meatball Marinara Bake to-g0.    Since this is an assembly line operation you can see the meatballs/chicken/breadsticks are frozen and not made fresh in-house like the pizzas.   Both the meatballs and chicken pieces were good-sized pieces, so I wasn’t ready to consider this a bad thing.

For 5.99, even though I am getting two 5″ breadsticks, seems a little pricey for 4 meatballs.  I can get a 5 dollar foot long sub at Subway that has double the amount of meatballs.    So the trick here is the taste.   Would it be worth a little extra to get something unique?

Sitting in the car opening this, it smelled SOOOOO GOOD.   The pan was rocket-hot.  Breadsticks were even better than I thought they would be.  The cheese is bubbly and melty.   The robust red sauce is filling my car with the smell of delicious.

And the meatballs were — wait for it — under-cooked– so that was a bit of a disappointment.  They were basically room temperature with patches of less-than-warm here and there.   The flavor of the meatballs themselves was VERY GOOD.   They blow Subway meatballs away,so in terms of taste, I would gladly spend the money to order this again.    I just would have to make sure they cook them a little longer.

3300 E. Broad Street
Mansfield, TX 76063




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