8 Jan

If you’ve never been to Dallas here is a tip- once you hit downtown, just find McKinney Ave.   It’s loaded with just about every kind of bar and local eatery you could imagine.  Most, if not all, are local businesses.  So not a Chili’s or TGI Fridays  in sight.

It’s a trendy street where plenty of people crowd to see and be seen.   Among the group is a nice sports bar called Frankie’s.

Forever, people have been telling me THAT is the place to go to watch a game.  Loads of TVs, huge bar menu, and a great crowd of people from all walks.

I am finally in that area on a game night, when friends are hanging there so I join in.   It does have a tremendous amount – maybe 30 or more TVs.  The place is packed and unless you know about the parking situation you are screwed.

The gang orders fried pickles, chips-n-salsa, chicken wings, and a pizza.   Everyone tells me how I am in for a treat as the wings and pizza are supposed to be fantastic.

The crowd is truly a mix.  Well dressed business-men are standing next to a rowdy guy in a jersey and trucker cap.   It strikes me as more of a social-drinking-trendy place rather than a sports bar.  Maybe I think this because the sports bars I end up in are seedy and full of bikers.  ha.

The food arrives in waves.   The pickles are decent but nothing special.   The salsa with our chips tastes very fresh and is probably made in-house.  I am not the only one that must like it because the salsa is gone in seconds.

The chicken wings arrive and look great.   Nice amount of sauce.  Big wing size.   Sitting with a group of candy-ass wingsters we only have the “hot” variety.   Would have loved some x-tra hot, lemon pepper, or some kind major heat on these wings.   They were very good though.  I can see why people rave about them.

The pizza slid in last and looked incredible.  It’s a super-thin crust with some nice toppings, cheese, and sauce.   The pizza is good, but slightly under-done so it tastes kinda dough-y.    I chalk this up to the place being overloaded with sports nuts and everyone is ordering tons of food.   I bet on a slower night this pizza is quite good.

So there ya go, I finally get to Frankie’s and I enjoyed it.   Why you act so surprised?


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