7 Jan

Ok we are going all over the place now with chips.  Jalapeno chips, Kale chips, Beet chips -it’s a highly competitive chip world now.  I am expecting chips made from recycled chip-board or fiberglass anytime now.

Now there are Beanitos.  Chips made from beans.   oh boy.  There are several variety but I picked up the two I figured would have the best chance inside the brutal jungle that is the JFC tasting facility.

The Chipotle BBQ (and I am not that big a fan of chipotle-anything) were up first and BA-ZING!    These are KILLER.  Nice bold flavors.  Solid-crunch.  Perfect amount of seasoning.    I couldn’t even tell you that these are made from beans.  They crunch like a corn-chip.  This is a good thing.   The only bad thing about these is the size of the bag.  They went rather quickly.

Later, after a nice cleansing of the taste-buds I was ready to take on the cheddar-cheese.   These were the actual reason for purchase and they weren’t as awesome.  They are good, don’t get me wrong, but they are slightly generic and kinda bland.

There are also regular Pinto and Black Bean flavors.  Those will get reviewed at some point, but right now I am loving Beanitos- Chipotle BBQ.  Beanitos has something with the BBQ flavor.   These might be the best BBQ chips I have had in quite awhile.

I found them at Whole Foods – so RUN out and grab a bag of these magic beans.   They are yum-yum-yum.


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