4 Jan

Yes friends I have found Raspberry Coconut Zingers.  Even during these troubled Hostess times.

These are a bonus as well as they aren’t the Hostess branded – but rather the Dolly Madison version.  Which might not even matter since they are both owned by Hostess.

To say these are simply upgraded Twinkies would be a gross exaggeration.   These blow Twinkies out of the water.   They are rich and bold and just a perfect snack cake.

So what’s my problem?     I haven’t had these in many months and I noticed something here that bears further investigation.

More often than not I bought these in the 3 pack at my local SEV (7-11).  They were overloaded with coconut and just about BLOOD red in color.

This six-pack-individual box are indeed covered in coconut but not quite like I remember.  Nice amount though.

The raspberry frosting on the other hand is minimal.   I mean those don’t look blood-red.  It’s a very light red.   That is not simply because the color is off.   The frosting itself is a very thin layer; so thin it’s almost translucent.

I want to think that since these are individually bagged that they are made with less coating/frosting in order to make the product as compact as possible.

Now the search begins to find a 3 pack so I can compare.

Regardless of my criticism – these are by far the best snacky-snack-snack-cakes around.  PERIOD.


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