Review: Charley’s Grilled Subs

3 Jan

Kickin’ around The Parks Mall in Arlington a few days after X-mas.  Yeah I know- not a smart idea – the place was PACKED.  My mistake.

On my way out I notice a few new places in the Food Court.  Charley’s grilled subs stands out and I am developing a hankerin’ for a philly-style-cheesesteak.   That’s exactly what I order- your basic philly.  Judging by the pictures on the menu I am in for a monster of a sammich and I dig it.

There is quite a line so it takes a minute to order and slide down the line watching the sammiches made before our eyes.   I ordered a lemonade which was pretty decent.

So hard to find great lemonade for some reason…..

The cooks are grilling up fantastic smelling piles of meat and onions and all sorts of goodies.   I am getting stoked now and with each passing second I am kicking myself for not finding this place earlier.

It’s finally my turn and I am slid a basket.  Uh……ok.    I got some great provolone, a minimal amount of steak and onions…. and … a whole lotta bun.





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