Whole Foods Pizzeria

2 Jan

Every time I say the words “I was at Whole Foods…”

“OMG!!!  I LOVE WHOLE FOODS!!!!”   – is always the interjection I hear.  People just love this joint.

On my recent outing I finally decided to try their brick-oven pizza.   They do whole pies and slices.  2 for $5 is a pretty good deal.

Actually the whole idea of this pizzeria in a grocer is a smart one.  I mean the pizzaiolo has access to the entire store inventory so there is potential here for some excellent pizza.  It’s very close to excellent actually; with some room for improvement.

The crust has a chew and is tender at the  tip.  Crusty and crunchy by crust edge.    It’s good but not fantastic.   The sauce is the weakest point here.  Simply generic tomato taste.  Not much spices stand out.  Kick-those up and you got some addictive pizza on your hands, W.F. .

On the flip side, that cheese blend is very nice.  Full-body flavor of the cheese underneath some jumbo slices of nice pepperoni takes the slice from “meh”  to “ok let’s order another slice to go.”

So in the end it evens out and is a slice worth getting on your next visit.  It’s better than just about every mall pizza and most delivery places.   And– it’s from WHOLE FOODS!








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