Deano’s Jalapenos

26 Dec

 Back in October at the State Fair I discovered these quirky little snacks.   Deano’s Jalapenos are deceptively simple.  Instead of jalapeno flavored chips; these are chips MADE from actual jalapenos.

They come in three flavors:  Sea Salt, Ranch, and Cheddar.      They are made in small batches in Vermont with peppers imported from Mexico and Texas.    So for the last few weeks I have been toting all three brands around in my bag.  The point?   To shout from rooftops and sing the praises of this AMAZING snacky-snack-snack.

I mean…..look at that bag. These sliced jalapeno chips are dusted with cheddar and simply fantastic.  It’s like portable nachos in my mouth!    The cheddar have lasted the longest because I have been quite stingy with them.   The Sea Salt and Ranch are both very good – but these cheddar ….knowing dear readers how much I love nachos…..????

Deano has major cool points awarded to him for creating something so simple and addictive.   I love them.  ALOT.   They slay me.    I seriously love jalapeno flavored chips and I am saying here and now that after eating these I might not ever buy jalapeno potato chips again.  They are THAT GOOD.

The best way to get these is direct from their website:     These are JFC approved and

I am POSITIVE you have never enjoyed a snack quite like this before.


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