JFC Kitchen: Chocolate Zinger Dessert

24 Dec

I heard one of the final shipments of Hostess (and related) products were hitting stores for the final time.   I have since that news been looking for Zingers – as they were MY favorite snack cake of choice.   News reports are also stating that Hostess is VERY close to a deal with some company to take over most of the Hostess empire.  So it might not be that long before _______”s Twinkies are available to all you lovers out there.

But they haven’t mentioned Zingers or the other Dolly Madison products in these stories.   I mean they are more than likely included – but what if they aren’t?   Have I had my last Zinger?   I shutter to even consider that idea.

Fate intervenes and I stumbled across some single packaged chocolate Zingers at a truck stop and was giggling all the way to the register.   To be honest – these aren’t my favorite – I am all about the raspberry-coconut ones – but hey….I can’t find those…. and well….the chocolate ones are good too.

So once back to the JFC kitchen- and with raspberry still on my mind – I decide to improvise and “doctor” these up.  What you see is the chocolate Zinger drizzled with a raspberry sauce I made….and a special side ingredient.   That slightly gross-lighter-colored-brown to the right side is chocolate whipped cream.

Oh it’s no – ORDINARY chocolate whipped cream.  It’s ALCOHOL-INFUSED-Chocolate-Whipped-Cream.   More on that later this week so stay tuned.

So the Zinger-choco-whip-and-raspberry was decadent.   It was better than desserts I have had in nice restaurants.   Hell, I think I even got a buzz.

Now if I could only find some Raspberry Zingers……


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