TWISTED TEA for the End of the World

21 Dec

Welcome to the end of the world.    I hope we are all around after today because I still have plenty of things to eat and complain about.   I am also expecting big things for X-mas.   The mall Santa assured me that I was indeed getting a VitaMix under my tree.   So there is that.

If we are around by New Year’s Eve there will be booze flowing.

If you have a teenager in your house they are probably very familiar with these little sweeties.

I was  given a TWISTED TEA in a glass with ice and I honestly couldn’t really taste the alcohol at first.   It tastes like one of those tea-sodas they sell.  The lemon-y kick to it TOTALLY covers up the booze and I had already crushed one and was ready for another.  When I found out they got booze in them, I was mildly surprised but not shocked.   On a hot Sunday afternoon with a fired up grill and football— these would rock a cookout or party.

The whole “HARD” line of products (Mike’s Hard Lemonades springs to mind) and now TWISTED TEA are damn tasty and go down easy for those of you that don’t like the taste of booze or just want something fun to drink.  I know loads of women that hate the taste of beer so these would be perfect drink for them.

But something tells me these are popular with high school / college kids because they really do taste like a sweet soda.

I also think there might not be a better drink to have as the end of the world arrives.


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