20 Dec

I believe it states in the BIBLE that on the seventh day, God rested.   I don’t remember what happens after that but I think on the eighth day he created EASY CHEESE.

I mean look at it.  Think about it.   Cheese-in-a-can.  You don’t even need to refrigerate this beauty.   Who or what else could have created this other than some sort of GOD?

What’s that?  KRAFT made it?  Oh yes, Kraft must be God’s last name or something.

Anyway this beats Cheez-Whiz all to hell.  Give me a large glass of sweet-tea, a sleeve of Ritz crackers, a can of Easy Cheese, and get the hell out of my way.

Looking at the ingredients on the  back, I am not even sure what is in this can and I simply couldn’t care less.   It’s golden-orange liquid heaven that comes out and that is all that matters.


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