Whole Foods Soda Pops

18 Dec

I think I have made it clear at this point that I have Dr Pepper running through my veins.

Dr Pepper is such a loving mistress that she encourages me to taste other sodas.   She smiles and gives a wink at the impossibility of me ever finding a beverage I love more.   She is that confident.

So when I was at WHOLE FOODS and noticed they have their own 365 Everyday Value soda pops I was curious.  Most of these “knock-off” drinks I have tried in the past have been so horrible that I kicked rocks running back to my forgiving Dr Pepper.

But Whole Foods is on to something here.   The cola tastes like a non-frozen Slurpee.   Very sweet and quite good.   I tend to think it tastes more like an RC Cola than it would a Coke.  But it stands on its own and I would drink it again.

Then there is Dr. Snap.   The first thing I notice is the use of real sugar.   It has that very-very-slight-grit or grain to it.   I feel like I can taste the actual sugar particles.  This is not really a distraction, just something I notice.   Dr. Snap has a very sweet taste and is very cherry in flavor.   It is the better of two Whole Food sodas.

Dr. Snap is probably one of the best Dr Pepper knock-offs I have ever had.  It’s not quite enough to make me end my romance with Pepper.   But Dr. Snap is a killer soda and deserves some respect as a true contender to the title.


One Response to “Whole Foods Soda Pops”

  1. Brandon D Laughing February 9, 2018 at 1:02 pm #

    i would like to leave a small comment that i feel is very important. this is the only dr. pepper flavor soda, including actual dr. pepper, that doesn’t use phosphoric acid. this is important to me, and people like me, because i am an end stage renal patient and have to cut phosphorus out of my diet. i cant have any brown sodas except this one particular brand.

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