14 Dec

Oh wait.  Those are cookies aren’t they?  Well these are chips.  Two brands of Lay’s.  First up are the SPICY KETCHUP version.  I believe someone could just sell ketchup in a packet form and I would eat it straight from that packet.  Oh wait.  They do have that already.

Okay anyway – as condiments go I love ketchup.   So the idea of a ketchup flavored chip sounds great – not gross – as some of you have said.

These have a nice tomato-y and slice pepper flavor.  I could snack on these for days.  But this bag is the only bag I have ever purchased or seen since.


This other bag – Garden Fresh Tomato and Basil – seems like a soup flavored chip.  The tomato flavor here is very light.   The basil is even lighter.  More of an afterthought.   I thought these would have a slight Italian taste to them but they really are kinda bland.   Maybe if you had a real bowl of Tomato Basil soup these chips would stand out or at least give you something to compare them to.


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