13 Dec

 I don’t visit Texas Roadhouse very often, but when I have I am always satisfied with anything I pick.  Everything from Hamburgers to Filet Mignon you get great food for a very reasonable price.

On this last visit I ordered a beer and appetizer the boneless wings.  They seemed like a new menu item and seem like a revamped version of their Chicken Critters.

The original Critters (which they still serve) were covered in a thick and crunchy batter and then fried.

These boneless wings seem to be lightly dusted and have a very thin layer of breadding compared to the Critters.

I liked the Critters in the past – but I LOVE these new boneless wings.   They are tender, juicy, and crispy.  The Critters seem very hearty and a full meal.   These boneless were just perfect with my ice-cold beer.   I ordered the buffalo sauce for dipping and it’s very HOT.   Which I also loved.   So while waiting for that great steak or chicken-fried , why not order some of these for the table?   I think you will find them quite enjoyable.

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