Pastazios Dallas – Fitzhugh

12 Dec

 Maybe back in 2008 I discovered Pastazios in uptown.   It was a nice place for a slice but I didn’t think it was all that special.   They closed the uptown location and had moved to Addison.   And that was that.

Flash forward to the other night, and I am driving home from Jimmy’s Food Store and I notice a sign on a new location of Pastazios on Fitzhugh.  Being hungry and curious I stopped in for a slice.

The new location is in a revamped 7-11 building.  The place is simple and to the point.   Walking in and seeing these huge slices in the display case made my mouth water.   Looking good so far.

After a quick reheat in the oven, my pie slice is slid onto  paper plate and into a bag.  This is the classic Italian “to go” way to walk with a slice.    Hoping for the best and expecting the worst, I make for the car to take a photo.

I was KNOCKED out at how soft and pillow-y the dough was on top and slightly crisp but still with a chew underneath.  Pepperoni had a nice taste and didn’t grease-up the slice like some other places.  This slice was VERY.  VERY.  Good.  So good that I am wondering if I hit my head or taste-buds back in 2008.   I don’t remember it being this good.  Either way it’s an instant classic and worth the trip.  The crust on that pie just rocks.  Might even be the best NY style crust I have had in Dallas.


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