Tyson WYNGZ Buffalo Style

5 Dec

Tyson is cranking out loads on new snacks.   Their ANY’ TIZERS line is geared towards bite sized finger foods.   What caught my eye was the term WYNGS.  If you remember my Pizza & Wyngz review, you know that I said back then that I wished they just sold the WYNGZ by themselves.   So here we are weeks later and it seems my wishes came true.

Well sort of.

These WYNGZ are obviously different from the ones that came with the DiGorno pizza two-pack.  First off – these are not chicken nugget shape but rather “balls” of chicken.   Looking at them frozen they look more like  huspuppies than chicken “wyngz”.

These also do not come with any sort of sauce.  The originals came with a genius packet you warm and toss the chicken pieces in after cooking.  The extra sauce really made the originals stand out.

IMG_4077I still had hope that these might be even better than the originals.  I cooked up a batch and added my own hot pepper sauce to go with them.    They are pretty good but do NOT compare to the ones in the Digornio combo pack.    That’s a bit of a bummer as I was positive that these (since they are named the same) were the natural progression of a side product that deserved its own push as a stand-alone star.

Don’t get me wrong because I enjoyed these.  I just just don’t know why they call them WYNGZ if they aren’t the same product?

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