Bring it Back: Elivs Reese’s

3 Dec

 Ah, 2008.    Back when Reese’s took a chance and cranked out these limited edition candies to celebrate Elvis.   It was the 30th anniversary of his death after all.

Knowing how much Elvis loved Peanut Butter & Banana sammiches, Reese’s came out with a themed peanut butter cup.  Seemed kooky enough to pick up and try them.

It. was. the. end. all.  be. all.     Seriously, it was the best candy I had ever had in my life.

AND IT WAS DISCONTINUED or rather a LIMITED EDITION.  Like everything in my life.  I have even contacted Reese’s on several occasions over the years.  Asking.  Suggesting.  Hinting….ok threatening and hoping they would return to the shelves.  Make it a yearly celebration of the king.  I don’t care.   Take the ELVIS off it if it’s a license issue.   These are TOO good to not be on the shelves.

If you loved them as much as I did or just want to let Reese’s know you would like to see them return – here is their contact info:

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