New Spicy McChicken $1 sandwich

29 Nov

The new paradigm at Mickey D’s seems to be create something interesting and then release it for a limited time and then move on to the next thing.    I was crazy about the Spicy Chicken bites and they got rid of them.   In their stead looks to be the $1 buck Spicy McChicken sammich.   It has the same breading as the “bites” but on a bun (think happy meal burger size). I ordered it without the mayo and lettuce so I could really taste the actual chicken.  It’s very thin but does have some nice seasoning.   I mean for a buck it’s a great little snack.

I would be happier if it was a chicken breast cut and made in the same way.  This is the texture of a chicken nugget – meaning processed and probably not all white meat.   Still, with chicken sammiches costing upwards to 7 bucks at the drive-thru, this might be the answer for your snack sized craving.  You might even catch yourself ordering two and still saving money.


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