28 Nov

With the holiday food all around us I have noticed something weird.  Weird for me and weird to obviously all of you.   What you see there is a fantastic thing.   BEHOLD:  the Pineapple pie.   It is simple and elegant and incredible.  It’s obviously something foreign to just about everyone in my world.   When visiting a pie shop with a friend, or a diner for a sweet treat, it’s always the same –  PINEAPPLE PIE????!?!?!?  Who eats that?

Here in Texas – it’s Apple, Pecan, Sweet Potato, or Pumpkin.  Obviously anything else is COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!  But I can assure you, outside of Texas and the States themselves, Pineapple is very popular.  Especially in Japan which is where I believe I had it first.  So if you see it, try it.   I bet this tropical sweet will be just as loved as your American Apple.


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