24 hr Pizza !!!

27 Nov

I have mentioned before that the Sev (7-11) carries pizza by the slice.   When it’s fresh it’s actually good considering you are getting it from the same place you are getting gas.   It has a sourdough crust which is kinda novel and I can only think of one other place (Schlotzsky’s Sandwich shop) that even has a sourdough pizza crust.   So points for that.   Points also for the fact the slices are usually a buck.   When Big Gulps are on sale you can get a drink and two slices for under 3 bucks.  That is a super-cheap lunch that took all of two minutes to pick up.

You can also get a full pizza for 9.99 -but for a limited time it’s only 5.99!!   Liked it at 10 bucks – but love it at 6!!

This is some serious competition for Little Caesar’s – which has the 5 buck pepperoni special.    I give the edge to 7-11 here because it’s available 24 hours a day.  I love that convenience of that.

Up at 3 am with some hardcore pizza cravings?  BOOM – full pizza for 5.99 that is ready in the time it takes for you to make yourself a Slurpee.   Win-Win!


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