It’s all about the Chips N Salsa

26 Nov

One of the absolute best things about living in the DFW area is that we have so many restaurants.  Many of them offer some sort of Mexican or Tex-Mex type food so “chips n salsa” is a large staple of eating around here. Everywhere you go, it’s available as a snack while waiting on your food.

At Mexican restaurants it’s free and I can’t think of one person that doesn’t love it.

There is a small family-chain of restaurants here called LOS LUPES.   They have several locations and they are a great departure from your chain Mexican choices.   You will see loads of locals going to a place like this.  They tend to offer more authentic Mexican dishes as well.   One of the things I really like (besides the good prices) is their chips ‘n’ salsa.   It’s very good.   Or at least it was.

A few months ago I brought some friends hoping to turn them onto Los Lupes and was put off by their chips.   Nobody else thought anything of it (having never been there before) but  they were OBVIOUSLY different.  The taste,  texture, and thickness was off.   And I am a man who knows his chips ‘n’ salsa.   I can do it blindfolded.  This was OFF.

I asked our server and she sort of krinkled her brow and corner of her mouth.   She had been asked this often I bet.   Turns out the chips WERE different.   There was some sort of mix-up with the supplier and whatever- so different chips.

Everything else was exactly the same but I was very disappointed in the entire experience.  I was kinda bowled over by the fact that something so simple like a tortilla chip could alter the whole experience.  But it did.  They have such a unique taste that without them it is just not the same.

I would visit three more times in the following weeks/months to discover the chips were still the NEW ones.  I couldn’t even make myself go through that again.  If they didn’t have the chips I wanted I wouldn’t stay.   So I would ask at the front and the look in their eyes told me before their lips moved.  I left thinking I probably wouldn’t ever return.

Having said all this I am happy to report  that as of last week the ORIGINAL chips have returned!!!

It really is the little things, isn’t it?


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