TASTE TEST: Toreadas Habanero Chips

23 Nov

 In my eternal question to find the absolute best pepper flavored chip, I submit “Chip’s by Papas Toreadas”.   These were next to the Takis I am always going on about.

These are you basic potato chip- these being habanero flavor.   I LOVE habanero.  Despite wrecking my sinuses and taste buds – I can’t quit that lil orange demon.   It’s not just heat – it’s also flavor!

So I tore into these with my normal expectations – hope for the best but expect the worst.

I am happy to report these are great!  There is some good heat and flavor here and they have an almost sweet-vinegar aftertaste.  They are unique and interesting.   I expected more heat but that sweetness postpones the heat until just about the end of the bag.

Nice find.  In fact, when it comes to chips, I am noticing that these mexican brands that some have considered “knock offs”  are actually on par with the big names.   In a few cases they dominate the big boys when it comes to delivering flavor.


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