Giving Thanks for PIZZA!!!

22 Nov

 Growing up I HATED turkey.  Still do.   So Thanksgiving doesn’t send me into a food-loving-chow-down like most folks.   Having spent many a youthful days at grown-ups houses that had burnt or dry or just plain yucky turkey has ruined me to the taste.

Oh I know- I am sure your Aunt Bessie’s turkey would change my mind cuz it’s SOOOOO tender and juicy.    But sorry, I gave up on turkey a long time ago.  So please don’t try to change my mind.

What thanksgiving always reminds me of is which convenient store or fast food joint was open so I could eat on the way to wherever we were going.   Jack-in-the-Box was always open but more often than not I was left to choose from the fine selection at the local SEVE.  (7-11 in case you forgot).

Fortunately the SEVE always had an ace up their sleeve.   The beloved Totino’s Pizzas.  So that is the type of food I think of on a fine dining day like today.   What kid wouldn’t take pizza (albeit half-cooked-at-a-convenient-store-frozen-kind) over turkey?   Junk Food Lovers.  That’s who.   WOO!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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