REVIEW: Pizzaiolo’s Pizza

16 Nov

 I was on my way to meet a friend at the movies.  We missed the showtime so we decided to scout around for food instead.

I am told there is a great slice pizza joint- PIZZAIOLO’s in Grand Prairie.   It’s a NY style pizza and pasta joint that is tucked away off I-20.   So you gotta kinda keep an eye out to find it.

I am also told that I need to make sure I order ONE SLICE only.  It’s 3 bucks a slice, so I am thinking my friend is just being frugal.

What arrives is the largest slice I have ever seen in my life.   You might not be able to tell by that picture but they are HUGE.   I actually left the pizza place and stopped at a dollar store to get a tape measure.

Each slice was 10 inches wide and 13 1/2 inches long in length.   That is INSANE!  It’s a damn bargain for 3 bucks a slice- super thin, nice toppings, and great chew.   Gotta keep this place in mind next time I am in that area.  They also have several pasta dishes so I am curious if those are as great as this slice was.

What’s your experience with Pizzaiolo’s?   Share here and on UrbanSpoon!
Pizzaiolo's on Urbanspoon


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