14 Nov

The absolute best thing about JFC is the fact we take the time to discover local flavors and treats.

BUTLER’S SMOKEHOUSE in Stephenville TX  is just one of those examples.  Since 1999, the fine folks at Butler’s have been coming up with their own brand of unique jerky, fresh beef, cheese, summer sausage, and more.

What you see here is my first date with Butler’s- the jerky.  Looks ain’t deceiving – what you are seeing IS DR PEPPER and ROOT BEER flavored jerky.

Now you know I got Dr Pepper running  through these veins so hearing about this had my mind racing.   I don’t know why, but I was expecting sweet meats of sorts.  Like jerky dipped in a sweet Dr Pepper.   Yeah – it sounded odd to me too.    I am glad to say it wasn’t all super sweet and syrup-y.  It’s just a hint of sweetness in an otherwise great jerky.  The same goes for the Root Beer.  It’s not over powering.  It’s all about being subtle.  I dig it.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Habanero as well.  I figured just by default I would choose the Dr Pepper as the favorite- but the slight heat of the Habanero – again with some fantastic jerky as a base- is addictive and clearly my fave.

I carried these bags around for days, sharing and getting feedback.  I am getting the word is out- this is some good stuff and I encourage you to check it out for yourself.  In the past, most jerky I’ve tried was tough and over the top with salt.  It was like eating strips of salted leather.

Butler’s Smokehouse jerky has a great chew and makes me forget all those other jerkys.  Like immediately.

Check out and you will see a large variety of jerky in all sorts of flavors.  As I previously stated, they also carry some delicious looking gift baskets.  With the holidays coming up, you COULD buy from some jumbo-corporate-meat-and-cheese-joint-

OR– you could buy quality stuff from a family owned business that creates some of the best jerky I’ve had.  All right here in the great state of Texas.

And you know how I love local-  Butler’s Smokehouse- JUNK FOOD CRITIC APPROVED!!!


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