It’s a PIZZA TOAST!!!!!!!!!

13 Nov

I could wax poetic about the Duvel Bread I created a few days ago. Again.  It really was brilliant and bursting with flavor.  I said it before:  The best bread I ever made.

BUT- with one slice left I managed to top myself.

BEHOLD-  DUVEL PIZZA TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking the last slice, I slathered on some garlic butter.  On top of that I layered two slices of provolone cheese.   On top of that was pepperoni, followed by a layer of marinara sauce, and some dried herbs.

In the oven it went and out came a crunchy-crusty-pizza pal that I am impressed by.  I am also mad that I didn’t do this with the entire loaf.

At first bite, it has the crunch of those french bread pizzas but way better than the frozen ones.   The yeast flavor and the Duvel kick up the taste.  The marinara is slightly spicy and so is the pepperoni.   The unexpected kicker was the garlic butter.   It’s the last thing you taste in each bite and it’s a nice balance to the marinara.

I just might make a batch of these for a football watching party or something.   Who needs pizza by the slice when you can have this monster?!?!  This would be a killer item on a bar menu.


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