REVIEW: Toby Keith Restaurant

8 Nov

 WinStar Casino is a great little place just across the Red River.  They are constantly improving/ upgrading the place and many months ago (I just found this picture on my old phone) I had the chance to eat at


That’s the name, not my full review.   What you see is the BBQ chicken dinner (13 bucks) that actually wasn’t bad.  Good cornbread and some kinda generic “freedom” fries.  Seriously.  “freedom fries”?  yawn.

The menu is a 50% great sounding dishes and the other 50% sound goofy-redneck-corporate-chic attempts to make a fried bologna (9 bucks) seem classy.

The appeal of this joint for me is how large it is.  It’s massive.  There are TV screens everywhere and plenty of room.  Watching a OU/TX game here would be kick-ass.   There is even a stage in the corner and live bands play.   Oh and did I mention they have these truck tailgates mounted to the wall that double as benches?   Now that is hillbilly cool.

The whole thing wants to give you the impression it’s a barn-turned-roadhouse.   But it’s trying way too hard.

The main thing I don’t like about the place is the reason the place even exists.   Toby Keith.  He is EVERYWHERE.  Giant posters of him.   His videos constantly playing on several screens.  All Toby.  All the time.  Freedom Fries.  Toby’s own BBQ sauce. Toby this.  Toby that.   I don’t know if this is all his idea but it is just too much.

I don’t hate Toby or anything.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s okay in my book.   Not my favorite but it just seems so over-the-top-corporate-pretending-to-be-cool.  This might not even be Toby’s doing.

Either way, Tobe…it’s a little strong.

It just strikes me as the type of place that would build a brand new bar and then spend hundreds of dollars to have someone kick it and burn it with cigarettes so it looks rustic and rowdy.  Like buying jeans with holes already ripped in them.

I give him credit for creating atmosphere and some pretty decent food.  Worth checking out.

Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t give me the full-court-press like Toby does.


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