I vote TAKIS !!!!!

6 Nov

 Awhile back I talked about how kick-ass the Doritos Dinamita Nacho Picoso and the Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon were.  But I kept hearing about TAKIS from friends and fans.   Walking through my local CVS store I finally stumble upon them– TAKIS!

They looked exactly like the Doritos and I immediately think that Doritos must have seen these Mexican beauties at some point and decided to copy the idea because the flavors are similar and the rolled-up-shape is even the same.

While Doritos only has two flavors currently, I found a virtual buffet of flavors for the Takis.   I bought several flavors and they are all very good.   The ones that stood out are the ones shown – CRUNCHY FAJITA.

These things crunch hard and have the right amount of sass to them.   I liked the Doritos Dinamitas but I am LOVING the Takis.   Since it’s election day I vote TAKIS!


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