DOMINO’s Boneless Chicken

2 Nov

 The KICKER HOT SAUCE that comes with the Domino’s boneless chicken pieces is pretty good actually.   Tastes quite like Frank’s Red Hot sauce.  That’s a good thing.

The chicken itself are large chunks of white meat.   That’s a plus.

They look nice and plump.  I am wondering why I haven’t ordered these before.   I always thought it was kinda weak that pizza places started offering something far and away from their basic product.

I don’t see WING STOP selling pizza.

So I bite – and it’s good – but I can instantly tell these are frozen and not freshly made.   They are warm to the touch and taste but just barely.   They are wrapped in foil so I am guessing they throw the frozen pieces in the foil and then run them through the oven.

Wrapped like this – they thaw and cook at the same time- so that moisture doesn’t escape and they steam a bit inside the foil.  So these never really achieve any sort of crispness.  They aren’t rubbery -but they have a soft and spongy-ness to the breading that reminds me of nuggets cooked in a microwave – even though I know these aren’t.

Cooked differently – these would rock and I would order them more often.  But as is – not so much.

Wait a minute- if these are just a frozen bag of boneless chicken pieces – couldn’t I just get them at the store and cook them myself?


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