1 Nov

 I have been doing this for years, and now I pass on the knowledge to you.  I shall warn you – once you start doing KING DAY (or Queen Day if you are a girl) you are gonna get HOOKED.

The premise is pretty simple – I am always getting coupons, gift cards, and surveys on the back of my receipts.  Most companies do these rebates and freebies because MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVER REDEEM THEM.  Sounds crazy but people are so busy with their lives they don’t keep track of these  things or forget about them.   NOT ME.

So a KING DAY is when I spend all these saved freebies in one day.  The entire day full of free stuff.  It’s a full-on-all-day-party!  All for me!

What you see is not the full pile I used this past Tuesday, but gives you an idea.  Here is how it shaped up:

I don’t drink coffee but I had a Starbucks gift card from last X-mas.  BOOM – there was my breakfast.  FREE   

I had a survey from Chick-fil-a that gave me a FREE sammich for completing the survey- BOOM – there is Lunch.

Another survey – this one from QT – and BOOMFREE drink to go with my lunch.

I had 10 bucks off coupon for Office Depot –BOOMFREE cartridge for my labelmaker.

15 buck gift card given to me by Target for purchasing certain products together a month ago – so I go shopping –BOOMFREE shampoo, watercolor paint set, candy bar, and chips to go with  my lunch.

10 dollar Movie Theatre gift card free after purchasing one last year- BOOM – saw a FREE movie! – snuck in my free candybar too!

7-11 receipt survey – filled out online –  BOOM –  FREE medium Slurpee!!

Outside 7-11, I use my REDBOX coupon – BOOM – FREE dvd rental — Hello Avengers!

and another couple gift card covers dinner, a few CD’s, and new hat – BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

With X-mas on the way – I hope many more KING DAYS in my future!!!


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