Billy Miner’s RETURN ?

31 Oct

 Okay, I guess i just don’t get it.   In 2010, it was announced that Billy Miner’s was closing in downtown Ft. Worth.   It was a bit of a shock to everyone.  It had been there forever and was a great place.  Nice and big – but dive-y and full of character — and characters.

In the months leading up to the end, the place was steady busy.  I was there the on one of the last nights it would be in business and people were snatching up t-shirts and anything that had the logo on it.

Something cool was going away.   Like, forever.   It was going to be gone and replaced with a boutique or something.   That sucked.  People were upset.

Yeah, well something obviously happened that we never heard about – because I am just now hearing that not only is it back, but it’s in a new(and smaller)location.  It’s even (from what I am hearing) decorated the same and the menu is the same (but some are saying the food is not as good in the new location).

Ok I guess it’s good that they could return – but my question is why didn’t any of this come up two years ago?  Did they know they were just gonna move?  Didn’t they have to know to keep the signs and decor to drag over to the new locale?   If that is the case, why did they let the media jump all on the story and play it up like it was going away forever?   That “one last time” mentality was the reason loads of people went there before it closed.

Would business have been as brisk if instead of saying “We are losing a landmark”  the media said “Oh no biggie -they’ll be back in a smaller joint two years from now.”

I’m just sayin’.  Seems ODD.


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