Food Trickery

25 Oct


I have seen and heard about this new food trend.   Restaurants and food merchants are downsizing to save money.  In this economy who could blame them?  Times are tight.

The weird part is how some are trying to be so clever about it.  Some are just sneaky.  The picture you see is of two identical looking glasses.   You will notice the one filled with soda is slightly shorter than the empty one.   What you can’t really see is that it’s quite thinner as well.

It wasn’t until the waiter brought out my second soda that I noticed that the first glass was bigger than anyone elses.   This place is obviously phasing out the bigger glasses for the smaller ones.  This doesn’t save money because the waiter will just have to make more trips.  For me anyway.

I am seeing this just about everywhere.   At one time, Wendy’s had a 99 cent 1/4lb. “Texas” Double-cheese Burger.   It’s been replaced with the Double-stack, which is considerably smaller.   Also cost more than 99 cents.

The Jack-in-the-box Jumbo jack, once pretty hefty held in one hand, is also smaller.  It is also no longer 99 cents.  It’s creeping up to 2 bucks.

Less potato chips in the bag yet the same or higher prices.   This sucks.  I understand if your prices have to go up, but what is with all the trickery?

I was at a restaurant the other day that said “due to…blah blah blah….the cost of cheese will be .50 more.”   You know what?  I paid the extra .50 cents and went on with my life.

If you are honest with me I will respect you more.   It’s called BRAND LOYALTY.    Let me catch you lying and you just might lose my business.

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